We are very pleased to speak to Queensland legal studies teachers at the BEAQ 2021 on the 30th of July 2021. 

Access the presentation as a PowerPoint and as a PDF.

BEAQ 2021 Articles and Resources

Scott Wimble – HSC Legal Studies Playlist – An extremely helpful playlist inclusive of skills, concepts and content put together by educator Scott Wimble (@scott_wimble)

Supreme Court UK – 360° Virtual Tour – A look inside the UK supreme court including everything from the library to the Lawyers Suite.

Talking Politics Podcast – Why Constitutions Matter – Great episode with Historian Linda Colley on her new global history of written constitutions and the written word on the global stage.

Chris Merritt – Ian Macdonald, the Obeids and the Presumption of Innocence – A talk given to the Samuel Griffith Society on a structural flaw that had the effect of forcing the judge to delay the case and abandon her plan for a jury trial – 

Antony Funnell – Human rights issue or ‘green lawfare’? Citizens take to the courts to fight climate change – A useful article on “next generation” litigants who are taking direct action in the fight against climate change –

Sangeetha Pillai – Twitter thread – A thread discussing the role of a government in removing citizenship in those who have not denounced it.

Rule of Law Institue – Rule of Law Wheel – A useful visual aid outlining the basic framework of the rule of law and the rights afforded therein

Renato Costa – Aussie Law – A great YouTube channel run by Renato who is a PHD student and legal educator with videos that “discuss the principles, concepts, cases, and the structure of the Australian Constitution and of the Australian laws generally” –

Justice Lucy McCallum – Black Letter Law – An article on the cycles of disadvantage that the law can perpetuate – 

Mark Fletcher – Legal Reckoning – A great YouTube channel offering research on “what people think the law is, and what they think it should be” – 

DPP v Parker [2021] VCC 984 (22 July 2021) – An interesting case, brought to my attention by Paul McGorrery (@paulmcgorrery), who labeled it as including: “Exemplary sentencing remarks in an attempted armed robbery case, an excellent example of the critical role of the Koori Court in Victoria.”  

County Court of Victoria – Bendigo Law Court Development – Excellent article inclusive of a great video on creating a culturally sensitive and knowledgeable court –