Legal Links for LawNerds

Finding accurate and interesting legal links online can be a challenge for law nerds, teachers, students and members of the community interested in current issues and legal matters. This post seeks to provide a list of some of the reputable and interesting content  and legal people. Click on the button to the right to access Australian and international court education links.

Please feel free to contact us if you feel a resource/author/website has been overlooked.

Thanks to the #lawnerd community of Twitter for their assistance in compiling this post.

Social Media

Twitter is a wonderful platform for legal experts to share expertise, case law, analysis and perspectives on current legal issues in Australia and internationally. The below are a small snapshot of the #lawnerds to follow.

#auslaw  – The only hashtag to follow for all things Australian law.

New South Wales


  • @DebKilroy – Deb Kilory – Lawyer and Advocate for Women in Prison
  • @ananianwelsh – Dr Rebecca AnanianWelsh – Senior Lecturer -University of Queensland
  • @katgallow – Dr Kate Galloway – Griffith University
  • @qldlegalteacher – Kirsten Murray – Queensland Supreme Court Educator


South Australia

  • @steve_mcdee – Stephen McDonald – South Australian Barrister
  • @_LisaParker – Lisa Parker – Criminal Law Lecturer – University of South Australia
  • @Dr_Joe_McIntyre –  Joe McIntyre – Senior Lecturer – University of South Australia

Western Australia


  • @BarnsGreg – Greg Barns SC – Tasmanian Barrister




The Wigs – an engaging listen by three NSW Barristers who practice Australia and overseas, they discuss recent case law and current legal issues.

The Law Report – an ABC radio program that presents current legal issues, cases and matters of legal interest in short engaging segments.

The Just Cases podcast – from Monash University analyses a variety of significant Australian cases and legal issues.

The Reimagining Justice podcast by Andrea Perry-Peterson, a Queensland lawyer and Churchill Fellow, shines a light on issues at the intersection of law, social justice and innovation.

The Happy Lawyer Happy Life podcast and blog – an initiative of Clarissa Rayward a Qld Family Lawyer, it seeks to support the wellbeing of lawyers with helpful information and insights from experts in the field.


Amicus from Slate – indepth discussion of United States Supreme Court decisions

Jurisprudence by Scott Shapiro – the best legal philsophy podcast in the world in which complex theory’s are made interesting and accessibly to a general audience.

Lawfare by the Brookings Institute – interviews with academics, policy makers and journalists addressing US and world wide legal issues.

Rational Security – a podcast that discusses foreign policy and law


Opinions on High blog – from Melbourne University’s Law School examines recent high court cases and provides clear and concise summaries and case notes.

The AUSPUBLAW blog – has “expert commentary and analysis on recent cases and legislative change as well as updates on the latest research and scholarship in Australian public law”.

The JADE World blog – a selection of articles, social media and case citations that “provides a service that allows for you to see secondary materials, with direct references to the primary materials, in context”

Darren Ferrari’s blog – gives a comprehensive insight into the practice of law from the perspective of a practising commercial barrister.

The ‘Coffee and a Case Note’ Youtube account and Instagram provides accessible and engaging videos describing key cases and concepts of commercial legal practice.