This post is designed to provide two teaching resources for human rights law. It focus is the ‘ Human Rights law in an Australian Context’ unit of work, topic 4 unit 3 of the Queensland Legal Studies Syllabus. The resources are designed to assist teachers in guiding their. students through the ‘process’ of human rights in Australia and equipping them to be able to meet the syllabus requirements as assessed in the iA4 – external examination. The resources would also be useful for teachers in other states looking for defined human rights law case studies for their students.

Resource one, available for download on the right, contains three case studies:


  • Freedom of Expression/Right to Protest
  • Freedom from Discrimination/Racial Discrimination
  • Rights of the Child focusing on child abduction
Human Rights Resource
Resource Human Rights

The PowerPoint, available for download on the right, outlines the process of teaching human rights law in the Australian context and focuses on a single current case study. The freedom of expression/right to protest during the COVID-19 pandemic. By focusing on the recent Black Lives Matters protests students can engage in current events and discuss the legal implications with ease.

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